Anonymous asked:

No one is keeping you from buying birth control on your own. Your boss isn't obligated to buy your things for you. Access to contraceptives are not a human right. We live in a society where we feel obligated to everything, when the truth is, we are not.

newwavefeminism answered:

So you’re very misguided & wrong. There’s also this dangerous and pervasive need to overgeneralize important critiques on systemic restrictions of access as “these greedy ignoramuses just want handouts” which is a very classed and raced argument.

No one’s boss is obligated to buy things for them, so that very line and tangent of reasoning is flawed at best (ignorantly confrontational for no reason at worst). Employment provided healthcare has been established as a national priority and key factor to public and individual welfare. Part of healthcare, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, is reproductive and sexual health. Allowing corporations, who otherwise not be allowed to, to excercise their privilege and power to restrict reproductive healthcare is limiting access to vital healthcare options to a subset of already marginalized groups.

so yeah you can fly your flag all day long but that is how it is


I’d also like to point out that birth control pills and iuds serve other purposes that these idiots using the “they don’t have to buy for you” argument don’t seem to get. They can balance out hormone levels for women who suffer from a whole range of issues. Also, last I checked, you still pay for your insurance through your check. The boss has little to nothing to do with that side of the argument.

All these idiots out there who clearly do not understand how insurance works or even how the female body works makes me sick. I am a gay male with an American public school education from FLORIDA and even I understand how fucked this is.